Shaun Grady

Front-End Web Developer


Accomplished professional and dynamic senior leader with years of hands-on experience developing and driving user-friendly interface strategies forward with a proven record steering and delivering major projects using TypeScript, Angular, Sass, and graphic design transformations. Ability to work in small or large teams of developers, and lead a number of developers as a front-end leader and mentor. Thrives in low- or high-volume environments with ability to navigate changing business needs, and in implementing unique strategies and innovative designs to increase the overall business vision.



Senior Software Engineer

  • Angular
Core StrengthsJun. 2020 – Present

Senior Front-End Developer

  • Angular
Ryan, LLCMay 2020 – Jun. 2020

Senior Software Engineer

  • Angular
Core StrengthsNov. 2019 – Mar. 2020

Worked closely with the engineering and design teams to build out the Core Strengths “Relationship Intelligence” single-page Angular application. Led an effort to improve and iterate on development processes, implement best practices with unit testing by making use of type-safe mocking libraries, and adopt CodeceptJS for end-to-end testing and integration with BrowserStack automation.

Employment ended abruptly due to the coronvavirus pandemic.

Senior Software Engineer

  • Angular
  • AngularJS
Arlo Technologies, Inc.Jul. 2019 – Nov. 2019

Responsible for leading a new product initiative for the web team, introducing best standards and practices to the development process, and assisting with the migration of the Arlo web client from AngularJS to Angular.

Senior Software Engineer

  • Angular
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
CUSO Financial Services, L.P.2010 – 2019

Reported to the Senior Vice President of Software Development and entrusted to work with managers, stakeholders, and developers researching user needs, informing technical and UI designs, and executing on those designs, with a focus on strong front-end design and development practices. As a senior developer, this position requires complete ownership of designated areas of responsibility including the ongoing design, development, testing, release, maintenance, upgrades, stability, and availability of all front-end systems owned by the CFS engineering team while working remotely.

  • Implemented and retained the design, development, and maintenance of the Angular app, Sass-based stylesheets, and Haml-based view templates while working closely with back-end Rails/PostgreSQL team to negotiate, influence the design of, and implement elegant APIs for front end integration.
  • When tasked with a time-constrained, short-staffed project, effectively deployed emotional intelligence during planning and development, ensuring stress levels of staff were manageable; the project was successfully completed on time.
  • Responsible for daily communications regarding changes and bug-fixes made to the application for executives, fellow developers, testers, and managers during the QA and User Acceptance Testing of the developed product.
  • Created a single-page app built with Angular 7, Highcharts, and Sass; bundled with Angular CLI and was recognized and given an innovation award for leading technical design and development. Back-end built with Rails and PostgreSQL.
  • Championed improvement of ongoing operations by contributing to sprint processes, user stories, visual designs, and code reviews; conducting end-user interviews; and writing well-crafted and well-tested code.

Front-End Developer, Graphic Designer

  • jQuery
  • Google Analytics
Estately, Inc.2007 – 2010

Hired to optimize and develop the branding front-end of Hands-on developer on a team composed of diverse programming talent, while concurrently providing insight, and steering direction of the future vision and ongoing development.

  • Enabled Sass, Haml, and jQuery-centric JavaScript development to establish a strong branding front end for a Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL back-end.
  • Enhanced the design and implementations of A/B testing and conversion analysis with Google Analytics and SEO.
  • Deployed the development and maintenance of front-end systems.


JavaScript: ES2018, TypeScript, Angular, RxJS, Node.js, Highcharts
Templates: HTML, CSS, Pug, Sass, Haml, BEM, SMACSS
Testing: Karma, Jest, Protractor, CircleCI, Code Climate, Honeybadger
Build Tools: Angular CLI, webpack, Rollup, gulp, Browserify
Tooling: Git, WebStorm, OpenAPI, JSON:API, Google Tag Manager


The Art Institute of Seattle
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, 2008.